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More Than A Badge: Rough Country, the Law & Me

The Big Bend Country of Texas has 94 ways to kill you — sunstroke, sheer cliffs, lack of water, rattlesnakes, border hoodlums – just to name a few. Carl C. Williams, life-long resident of West Texas, survived it all to serve in law enforcement for decades, including two terms as Sheriff of Brewster County. When the Good Sheriff first approached Dust Devil Publishing, he had decades of memories, a rough manuscript and literally thousands upon thousands of photos he started taking when he was a kid. Working with the Dust Devil team, Williams, along with his wife Alice, captured his family roots and more. The Williams memoirs are backed by detailed accounts of every sheriff in Brewster County history, believed to be the most comprehensive coverage on the subject ever recorded. The result is a staggering 5.1-pound slice of Texana, with hardcover and dust jacket, with 536 numbered pages and 1,000 photos. Give or take a dozen. Released in mid-2018, the price is $34.95 (+ sales tax, shipping = $38). To order and see what the Dust Devil team could do for you, visit: Email <[email protected]>

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