Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

Benjamin Franklin

Why A Book?

There are lots of reasons to write a book. Money, of course, is one of them – but only one. Other motivations include:

  • Public recognition, or acclaim
  • Professional credibility
  • Legacy for your kids and grandkids
  • Convince others (shape public opinion)
  • Bring innovation or change to an industry
  • Entertain and/or enlighten


What kind of book makes a splash?

Answer: A book driven by passion and commitment, a project with a solid promotional platform and an aggressive distribution plan.

When your ideas must be organized, refined and presented a readable fashion. Then – and only then – you have a book, ready for human eyeballs.

It is one thing to write a book. Sometimes, the trick is to sell it.

At Dust Devil, we will build your book for you. Then we can give you tips on how to recover your production costs, or even make money on it.