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Friendly Advice from a Writers Group

Got a book stuck in your heart, and you can’t seem to get it from your head to paper? Maybe the Permian Basin Bookies can help.

The non-profit authors group is comprised of published and unpublished writers at all levels of development. The group welcomes newcomers to its monthly meetings, usually held the last Saturday of each month at the Centennial Library in Midland. It’s on No. Loop 250 next to Best Buy.

Annual membership dues are $35. For writers, the member benefits range from craft improvement and writing tips, a writers’ conference every autumn to a monthly newsletter.

One fairly new member benefit has been the formation of a group that meets to exchange ideas and tips with other aspiring writers. Twice a month, in an informal setting, participants read aloud a passage from their latest writing. Bookies members listen and offer suggestions, not in a critical way. Instead, members encourage and strive to motivate the writer to do more … and more yet … and to do it better.

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