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Just Add Water: Recipes from Mike Otto’s 40+ Years of Pond Building

Mike Otto designs and builds lakes and ponds. This work is as much art, creating something out of nothing, as it is science. Otto’s family and customers for years peppered him with the same questions: How do I trap surface water on my land? What if my dam leaks?

Mike had the knowledge and practical field experience. No doubt about that. What Otto needed was help in organizing his thoughts, and gathering them between two covers. Dust Devil Publishing to the rescue.

With our team of writers and editors, Dust Devil took Mike’s information and his field photos, and gently pulled together a book that answers questions before they arise. Bonus benefit: For anyone curious about Mike Otto’s credentials, the book brings him instant credibility.

Mike Otto's book, "Just Add Water"Otto’s book takes readers from the planning stages to the finished product. To see how he has woven his personal experience with shade-tree physics and geology, see Mike’s 199-page manual of homespun advice. It’s a soft-cover book created in landscape (so-called “coffee table”) layout with four-color photos.

It won’t take long to see how Otto’s clients benefit from one of the most respected figures on the American pond landscape today.

Price is $36, which covers sales tax and shipping, (199 pages, Dust Devil Publishing). To order, call or visit:

Phone 1-800-882-3478

Mike Otto’s website


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